MOT Testing in Heywood, Greater Manchester

Why Does My Vehicle Need An MOT?

MOT Test

An MOT test is a mandatory test to ensure your vehicle meets the minimum standards, to be allowed on the road, set out by Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) 

All vehicles 3 years old and over require an MOT test every 12 months. MOT tests can be carried out one month prior to the expiry date of your existing MOT.

The test consists of various checks of all the important items on your car to meet the legal requirements.

The list opposite shows some of the things that are checked in an MOT test, if these do not meet the minimum requirements then your vehicle will fail its MOT and will need to be repaired before being retested.

MOT Preparation

PW Motors in Heywood can help you get your vehicle ready for an MOT.

They will check over the vehicle paying attention to all of the areas the MOT examiner will be testing to make sure that these are in tip top condition to help your vehicle through the test.

Your mechanic will explain everything they have checked on your car and advise if anything needs replacing prior to the MOT test.

MOT Repairs

If your vehicle fails the MOT test then all faults need repairing before a retest can be performed. All faults will be displayed on the document you have been given.

PW Motors have the knowledge and experience to repair all faults on your vehicle to the highest of standards and at an affordable rate, to ensure that it passes the test the 2nd time around. 

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Car Body

This must be free of excessive damage


This must be in a satisfactory operational condition


Both front doors need to be fully functional


This should be free from cracks that obscure the drivers vision

Fuel System

There should be no leaks and fuel cap needs to be fastened securely


Condition must meet legal requirements


Should be secure without any leaks


This should meet the necessary requirements


Steering wheel and shaft should be in an acceptable condition


All should be operational


These should be the correct size with the acceptable depth tread

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